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Eventbrite Tickets Demo

Eventbrite Tickets can import events (and their tickets) from Eventbrite into The Events Calendar. Eventbrite is an extremely popular service for selling tickets. In fact, some prefer using the service for selling tickets because of its simplicity and hands-off approach to ticketing. Whether you use Eventbrite or some other service, no one likes having to...


Virtual Events

Virtual Event Virtual Event

This is a virtual event page using the Virtual Events add-on to The Events Calendar. On an virtual event Virtual venues Online events have locations just like any other event. The only difference is that the location for an online event is going to be, well, online. The Events Calendar supports venues without physical locations....

Event Single

The Troubadour 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

The event single is what we can an individual event on the calendar. "Single" may be a bit of a funny word, but it's what WordPress calls posts, so we're following suit. Creating an event in The Events Calendar is exactly like creating a new post in WordPress. Once you navigate to Events → Add...

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