Venues & Organizers

Venues & Organizers

More times than not, an event is going to take place at a specific location and be hosted by someone who is organizing the event. The Events Calendar provides a way to attach a “Venue” and an “Organizer” to an event to help communicate that information.


A venue is where an event takes place. The Events Calendar lets you create and save venues so you can use them on multiple events. There are few things more annoying that having to type out the same address over and over, so that’s something we take care of for you right out of the box. ✨

Google Maps is also baked right in so, not only do you get a sweet map to display on the event page, but the ability to link out to driving directions as well. We use the street address to generate the location, but The Events Calendar also lets you provide the geo-coordinates of a location if you want to get super precise.

Installing Events Calendar Pro as an add-on to The Events Calendar comes with the bonus of creating pages for each venue you create — in fact, here’s one you can check out! It’s a nice way to display more information about the location of an event. It also includes a list of other upcoming events that are taking place there.

We use the term “venue” because it’s generic enough to cover many cases, but perhaps it doesn’t quite work for you. For example, say you have classes that take place in classrooms. Or sporting events that take place in stadiums. We have a free extension that lets you replace “venue” with a custom term in case that’s something you need.


Organizers are the people or organizations hosting an event. The Events Calendar doesn’t require an organizer for an event, but they can certainly be added as a nice way to display contact information to attendees.

The Events Calendar not only allows you to attach an organizer to an event, but lets you save an organizer so that can be used on multiple events. That’s a huge time-saver!

How did we get this special little page with the organizer’s photo and contact information? That’s where Events Calendar Pro comes in. Adding it to The Events Calendar  creates a page for each organizer just like this one.

This is where a bio can go. The page also includes the organizer’s contact information, plus a list of events that are associated with the organizer. So, say someone wants to see all of the events Ted Mosby is organizing. Visiting this page allows the person to do exactly that!

We know not everyone loves the term “organizer” and that something else might be more accurate, like “teacher” for a class calendar or “artist” for a music calendar. We have a free extension that lets you replace “organizer” with a custom term.