Event Submissions

Event Submissions

The Events Calendar can allow your site’s visitors to submit events to the calendar by installing our Community Events add-on. It’s the easiest way to create a community calendar for things like local kids activities, a team schedule, concert calendar, or anything else you can think up!

Community Events adds a page to your site that includes an event submission form. It’s also possible to embed the form on any WordPress page or post using a shortcode.

View Submission Form

Once an event is submitted, you can decide whether the user can edit the event later. You can also enable a page that lets users see all of their event submissions.

For even more control, Community Events includes a number of ways to set who can submit events and whether the events should be published or set to draft when submitted. It’s also integrated with ReCAPTCHA for spam protection and to prevent you from having to scour through oodles of spammy events.

Considering all of the additional features that let you customize everything from where the submission form goes to the confirmation page that users see after submitting an event, Community Events is a super versatile tool that gives you a professional full-fledged way to collect and curate events.