Event Aggregator

Event Aggregator

Let’s say you have an existing calendar. Maybe it’s a Google Calendar. Perhaps it’s a bunch of events you have on Meetup.com. Heck, maybe it’s another website with The Events Calendar! Regardless of what calendar you have, chances are you might want to move those events over to The Events Calendar on your website, or simply sync events between the two.

That’s why we created Event Aggregator. It’s a service that makes importing events from one calendar to The Events Calendar a cinch. Need to import a few specific events from another calendar? Totally doable. Need to fetch every event from another calendar and keep fetching them automatically as new events are added to that calendar? Also doable.

Showing the Import screen in the WordPress admin with an example of creating a scheduled import of events from Google Calendar.

A good use case is an event hub. You might be running a community calendar that collects and displays events from many sources but it requires you to check those sources yourself and publish the events on your own site manually. That’s no fun, so Event Aggregator does all that work for you. Give it the URLs of each calendar, tell it how often to check for new events, and those events will be pulled into your calendar automatically. It’s truly a set-it-and-forget-it sort of deal.

Event Aggregator is available as a paid add-on to The Events Calendar.