Community Tickets

Community Tickets

Sure, The Events Calendar will let you create and sell tickets for your events thanks to our free Event Tickets plugin and Event Tickets Plus add-on. And yes, The Events Calendar will also let your visitors submit events to your calendar with the Community Events add-on.

That’s pretty sweet, but wouldn’t be even sweeter if the people submitting events to your calendar could also create and sell tickets while you take a slice of the revenue?

Oh wait, The Events Calendar can do that!

Installing Community Tickets in addition to The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus and Community Events unlocks the capability of turning your calendar into a virtual marketplace where anyone can sell tickets for the events they add to your calendar and you get to collect a fee to boot.

The settings for Community Tickets give you plenty of options for how you’d like to handle fees and payments. Want to add fees on top of the ticket price, or included in the price? Are you charging a flat fee for tickets, or a percentage of the ticket price? Would you rather pay money out to the people submitting events yourself or split the cash automatically with PayPal payments? This add-on is developed around you.

Speaking of payments and such, you’re probably going to want to know how sales are doing. Community Tickets includes sales reports that give you insight into how much your calendar is generating in sales and the status of your payouts.